Forum Title: Install flooring over old 12x12 flooring with possible asbestos glue.
I was going to remove old stick-down floor tiles before installing Torly's 1 x 3' click-together cork planks Traditions Plank. I noticed the black adhesive on the back of the exisiting flexible 12x12 flooring tiles which, I suspect is an asbestos product. Wearing a respirator, I spent some time trying to scrape off the sticky residue but not much luck. I read about various products one can use to remove or coat the sticky residue. Hubby suggested just installing the new cork planks on top. At first I did not want to do this because the old tile is in very poor condition, but I have a bunch of inexpensive stick-down tiles which I could use to fill where I've removed broken tiles. Otherwise, the floor seems quite flat and I think the floating cork should accommodate minor imperfections. My inclination is to get all asbestos out of the house, but we have already spent a small fortune to have some textured wall plaster removed from around one old window. I think I could live with the idea of having the old flooring underneath. Any thoughts? The pics are of the existing flooring.
Category: Flooring Post By: KELLY BELL (Boulder, CO), 03/18/2019

Asbestos is not dangerous unless it is friable , that means a dust in the air. Just cover it and forget it.

- WALLACE BOWEN (Omaha, NE), 04/18/2019

If you thought you spent lots of money already, get a bid to remove that stuff, then check your shorts. LOL Leave it and float over it, hence the beauty of floating floors.

- TOMMY FOWLER (Kenosha, WI), 05/18/2019

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