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Well, my fear came to fruition, and it's totally my fault. Not too bad though. I suppose most of you in here are familiar with my other thread about the tile laminate that I ended up gluing all the way because the lock wasn't as good as I thought it should be. Well, I ran out of laminate, didn't figure enough waste, and had a small unfinished strip along the wall. The smart thing to do, what I normally would have done, would have been to lock in a piece of scrap along the edge in the traffic area to protect it, but I didn't. Looks like my wife may have caught the edge with a high heel. Small dimple will be missing at the seam, about like a dime if you took about a 1/8 slice off it. How do you match the color on those fillers? Anybody have a suggestion? The plank is well glued into place, removing it is not somthing I want to do. The hole will be barely noticeble but I dont want to have an entry point for mop water to get into. Also I heard there is a laminate sealer? Thanks in advance as always! john
Category: Flooring Post By: FRANCES PHILLIPS (Newton, MA), 03/07/2019

HD , or Lowes carry wood filler in bottles , pencils , and pens .

- WILLIE BARKER (Oklahoma City, OK), 05/11/2019

Nick said: ? HD , or Lowes carry wood filler in bottles , pencils , and pens .Click to expand... Thanks. Nick that sig is hilarious!

- MARGARET RODRIGUEZ (Tampa, FL), 04/24/2019

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